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Countdown to Christmas Affirmations

Good Afternoon My Beloveds,

God is good! I wanted to share my thoughts with my pride…the ones that matter most in my life…My beloveds. A few days ago I had a conversation with Ji’Daya and it went a little like this…

Ji’Daya: Mommy how many days is there until Christmas?

Me: I don’t know. Why do you ask?

Ji’Daya: Cause I want to know how many days until Jesus birthday. We’re having a Christmas concert and I just want to know if I am still getting chocolate each day.

Me: Oh ok, well I don’t know many days there are left, but when is your concert? And yes you will get chocolate each day.

Ji’Daya: I don’t know. I can ask Alexa

Me: Ok, I’ll ask Ms. Kibibi. Yes, I think asking Alexa sounds like a good ideal.

Alexa: You have 41 more days left until Christmas. Christmas is on Sunday December 25th.

Me: Thanks Alexa

So, how is this conversation relevant? I’m glad you asked.

41 Days Till Christmas ~ Nov 15th

Today’s I AM


1 Cor 15:57

40 Days Till Christmas ~ Nov 16th

Good Morning My Beloved’s!

Today’s I AM scripture


2 Timothy 1:9

Let it sit in your spirit and know that you are all called for a much bigger purpose than yourselves and our family. We are blessed to be a blessing. Just like your Uncle Rodney’s commemoration ceremony showed us this past weekend. You are part of a family that serves others! We are Phelps and “To Love” is what that name means! We are God’s love on this earth. Make it your business each day to love!


Here’s a little a motivational song to remind you that you can see God’s work in you!❤️🥰

39 Days Till Christmas ~ Nov 17th

Today’s I AM scripture


Colossians 2:10

Fresh off the doom, sorry y’all it’s coming in late. I love today’s I AM scripture because Paul keeps it strictly gangster! He reminds us of who Jesus is and will always be. But he doesn’t just stop there he also establishes the connection between us as believers with our Heavenly Father!

Now wondering why I refer to Jesus as gangsta….it’s because He says there’s no need to argue when you know who you are! Now that’s a🎤 drop. So, in other words what Paul is really saying is…Jesus is the Biggest God there so why would he need to flex when they know him in these streets! Amen 🙏🏾 So, being a child of God you have all authority over principalities and darkness aka lies, deception, negative talk, evil thoughts and people in Jesus name. So ask Kings and Queens in this world not of this world. Don’t get caught up arguing when you really just need to keep it pushing!

JC Comment: Lol the hashtags are so funny I never thought as Jesus as a gangster but I like

38 Days Till Christmas ~ Nov 18th

Praises to you today.

37 Days Till Christmas ~ Nov 19th

Good Morning Beloveds,

As you being to rise. Try starting your day reflecting on the last time you were chosen for something. How’d it made you feel?

Did you get excited? Did smile from ear to ear? Who did you want to tell first? Remember how great that made you feel. Now what if I said amplify that by a THOUSAND! How much more greater would that make you feel??

Well that’s EXACTLY how awesome and more! You should feel knowing that you’re CHOSEN by God!

Today’s I AM Scripture


1 Thessalonians 1:4

We know, dear brothers and sisters, that God loves you and has chosen you to be his own people. (NLT)

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