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Cooking with Kim

Private Chef Kim Andrews, of GoodEnuf to Eat, teaches Yes Moms tips & tricks of the trade of learned in her 20 years in the industry. New wife or mom without experience cooking for a family. Experienced cook looking to put the Chef quality food placement. Or just plain looking to make exotic dishes such as Octopus, Fried Alligator, Eel ~ Yes Moms Chef Kim is at your virtual service.

Choose from Yes Moms Chef Services

Follow Chef Kim as she whips up scrumptious dishes while her trusted Sous Chef Jordan Jordan provides commentary.

When creating your experiences you can:

  • Chef Kims cooks her fav dishes

  • New to cooking? Personal Private Cooking classes by your very own personal Chef

  • Experienced cook? Learned advanced culinary skills taught by Chef Kim (i.e. presentation, etc Kim create

  • Watch, Learn, or be Trained to cook exotic dishes such as Alligator, Eel, Octopus

  • Girls Night Out with Chef Kim or Group Chef training for the family - This is where Yes Moms Sheba Phelps hosts a training by Chef Kim that you prepare and cook for your family on us (sometimes). Yes Moms supply the food; You supply your family ~ over FB Live.

About Yes Moms Chef Kim

Yes Moms Chef Kim, owner of GoodEnuf to Eat is a renown Chef based in Orlando, Florida. Having roots from previous years living in Atlanta she still visits and maintains her private clients in Atlanta including being private chef for Sheba Phelps family. Among her other clients include such celebrities as Tony Robbins, DLO Davis, professional football Tampa Bay Bucaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Chef Kim is a mother of one 9 year old son Dillion whom she enjoys cooking and traveling the world tasting exquisite food with her son.

Sous Chef Jordan Jordan holds from Atlanta, Georgia. Chef Jordan Jordon assists with many of Chef Kim's Atlanta clients and provide VoiceOver services for Chef Kim's events to ensure she can concentrate on quality and training.

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