How to Take Good Care of Your Legs

You might ignore the condition of your legs until you have a problem such as ugly

varicose veins, itchy skin rashes or chronic discomfort, but it is essential to provide skin

care for your legs on a daily basis. Here are some ways to take care of your legs to

avoid the complications from dangerous blood clots or diabetic neuropathy. Here are 10

easy ways to care for your legs each day.

Exercise Your Legs Frequently

If you are sitting too much, then you might develop edema in the tissues of your legs,

that will loosen eventually, causing complications such as a stroke. You don't need to jog or run to exercise your legs because walking or bicycling is an excellent way to increase the circulation in your body.

Application of Lubricating Emollients

When the skin on your legs is dry, it can cause itchiness that will make you feel

uncomfortable. If you shave your legs, then it is possible to have drier skin than normal.

When you shave your legs, use a special product that lubricates your skin while making

it easier to remove the hair. Not only should you apply lotion to the skin on your legs,

but also, you may need to use extra emollients on your knees.

Drink Enough Water

By drinking enough water, you can prevent dry skin on your legs. Drink a large glass of

water when you wake up, and continue to drink water throughout the day. Experts

recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, but you may need more

than that when it is hot or if you are physically active. You can drink plain or enhanced

water to prevent dehydration.

Elevate Your Legs Occasionally

While sitting in an office all day, make sure to move your legs and feet around