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Bamboozled by Jesus

Happy Monday! Did you know it's #NationalBookday too? I just finished Bamboozled by Jesus by Yvonne Orji. I was a REALLY good book and a must read. I don't know about y’all but, I'm finding it challenging to keep up with my love of reading. However, when I need to take a break I make the time. If you can relate, I got your back today! Here's my personal review of the book coupled with some quick video clips of an interview she did on Jimmy Kimmel. Feel free to read & watch whenever you have a free moment...even if that's on the toilet!😂

No judgment, take your opportunities where you can. Let me know what you think. And what book you just finished. Maybe, I’ll do a review on it next month!😉

Thank you!

How did you choice this book?

I was browsing through YouTube to look for something completely unrelated and I stumbled across this interview of Yvonne Orji on Jimmy Kimmel's Late Night Show. I started watching just out of curiosity.

  • One, I love me some Insecure, to which Yvonne Orji plays the supportive leading character Molly on the show.

  • Two, the catchy book title…Bamboozled by Jesus. I was like, "ummm tell me more."

Introducing Yvonne Orji🗣️

What were some of your first initial reactions towards Yvonne and the book that you found interesting?

Is it just me, or am I the only one that claims random strangers as friends without even knowing them?😅 Take Yvonne for example. This was my first time meeting her on the Jimmy Kimmel show and sis came dressed and ready for the occasion. I already knew we were going to hit it off because of two reasons.

  • One, she was rocking my favorite color.

  • Two, she was accentuating one of my favorite body parts to show off…the LEGS! Yes Ma’am! So, you know I was a complete fan of the outfit selection. Needless to say we hit it off!

Fashion Killer ✅💚

With that said, two of my favorite qualities in a person -more specifically- in a women is confidence and personality. I absolutely love when a woman is confident in herself and has the ability to show off her personality without feeling pun intended.😊 I especially love when she is God fearing too! In this short clip Yvonne sets the tone and delivers the message with ALL assurances on deck.

Blessings✅ Loving it!


What section do you fit in?

I love how Yvonne answers the question of where does her book fit into book stores’ reading categories. Her answer made me more intrigued because she was essential saying...look Jimmy don't bo