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Yes Brands

Mission Statement
Yes Brands empowers people to lead balanced, confident lives through fashion-forward expertise, holistic wellness practices, and financial literacy. We redefine lives as a pathway to leadership, providing tailored support for people to thrive personally and professionally.

Vision Statement:
Our vision is a global community empowering people, equipped with the resources and support to achieve financial independence, holistic wellness, and work-life harmony. We aspire to spark a transformative movement that redefines success and empowers people to realize their full potential.


Sheba Phelps

CEO, Mother May I

Introducing Sheba, a dynamic and multifaceted entrepreneur who embodies the epitome of fabulousness, chic style, and unwavering passion for both her family and her professional endeavors. With a vibrant personality and a deep-rooted spiritual belief in women's empowerment, Sheba's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

Having embarked on her path after high school by enlisting in the United States Air Force, Sheba dedicated nine years to serving her country with honor and distinction. It was during her military tenure that she forged lifelong bonds, including meeting her best friend who would later become her beloved husband. Their enduring friendship blossomed into a remarkable 21-year marriage that continues to be a source of joy and inspiration. As a devoted mother of five, Sheba effortlessly balances the demands of parenthood with her entrepreneurial pursuits, proving that with passion and determination, anything is achievable.

Sheba's philosophy transcends conventional notions of motherhood, viewing it as a cornerstone of leadership characterized by influence, grit, and tenacity. With her trademark humor and infectious energy, she advocates for redefining the role of mothers as leaders in their own right. From her military background to her current role as a mompreneur, Sheba thrives on embracing her diverse roles as a human services practitioner, wardrobe/stylist, and health /wellness coach.

Central to Sheba's mission is her commitment to empowering women to cultivate work-life balance and prioritize self-care. Through her coaching and mentorship, she inspires others to create systems that enable them to thrive both personally and professionally. With a keen eye for style and a passion for fashion, Sheba seamlessly integrates her expertise into her holistic approach to life and business, guiding women to unlock their full potential while looking and feeling their best.

As a fervent advocate for financial literacy and work-life harmony, Sheba champions the importance of equipping women with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve financial independence and fulfillment. Whether jet-setting around the globe or nurturing her bustling household, Sheba exemplifies the essence of a modern-day Renaissance woman, embracing each opportunity with grace, poise, and unyielding determination.

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