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Meet Yes Moms CEO, Sheba Phelps

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Sheba Phelps

CEO, Mother May I

Sheba is a fun filled, passionate, believer of God and Women Empowerment. After high school she enlisted in the United States Air Force and served nine years. While in the military she met her best friend and they decided to get married. After 18 years of friendship and 17 years of marriage she still manages to take her husband’s breath away. Oh did I also mention she’s a mom of five.  This busy mom juggles the family business, needy kids, several schedules, plus a toddler going on thirty.  

Her personal belief is that moms are more than just the actions of the role. In contrast, motherhood is a “leading role” in leadership; to which requires influence, grit, and tenacity. Point, Blank, and Period Pooh in good Sheba humor. From prior-military to Mompreneur, she thrives on operating in her purpose as a Human Services practitioner helping to teach and encourage other moms how to create systems for work-life balance and a self-care practice.

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